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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Why should I choose you?
    Brilliant question; I would suggest our price guarantee for starters! Also, alongside our commitment to quality and attention to detail, only the finest PVC plastic is used alongside a knowledgeable sales team who will be with you every step of the way. We also pride ourselves on aftersales service; something we believe is missing from the other companies.
    I'd like a sample pack of the products you do -- how long will it take me to get some?
    You can either e-mail or call us with what you are looking for, and the sample department will pop a very good selection in the post to you that very day.
    What is your delivery time?
    Our standard turn round time is 10-15 working days from artwork approval, but we can turn round much quicker if required. Call or email to find out how much extra a rushed process might cost.
    What size are your plastic cards?
    Our cards are the same size as a standard credit card which is 85mm x 54mm.
    Can I have a card made to my own size specification?
    Of course! We can make a card as big or as small you wish, just let us know the dimensions and we’ll let you know how much they’ll cost.
    What size are your key tags?
    They are 28mm x 54mm (one third of the size of a credit card) and have a hole so they can be comfortably placed on a key ring.
    What are '760 micron cards'?
    This is standard credit card thickness which is 0.76mm known as 760 microns. We can make cards lighter or heavier (thinner or thicker) depending upon your requirements.
    I want one of those writable signature things on my card, do you do that?
    They are known as signature panels and you can have as many or as few as you like to one side for the same price.
    Can you emboss characters like I see on my credit card?
    Yes we can emboss letters and numbers exactly as you see on your credit card.
    I want an encoded magnetic strip on the back of my card -- what's the procedure for this?
    We need to know if your magnetic strip is ‘hico’ or ‘loco’ and what track to encode on, it will be either track 1, track 2 or track 3. We will also need to receive the data you want encoded supplied on an Excel-readable spreadsheet. This info will be available from your EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) supplier.
    I want sequential barcodes on my cards -- is that possible?
    Yes, all you have to do is tell us the barcode type and the start number and we’ll do the rest.
    Can you print my QR (quick response) code on your cards?
    Certainly, send us the artwork with the QR code and we’ll make sure it’s printed and works.
    I want a gold card like my American Express card -- is this something you offer?
    Yes, we can produce any metallic colour be it gold, silver or bronze.
    We have very specific corporate colours -- can you reproduce them accurately?
    If you can supply us with the Pantone numbers we can easily print to these. Corporate colours are a very common request, and we are happy to accommodate.
    I don’t like gloss -- can you do a different finish?
    Yes, just like paint you can have a gloss or matte finish to your cards.
    I have the artwork but don't know how to convert it onto a template, what should I do?
    Send your artwork to us and as long as it is suitable for production, one of our design team will create a template for you, free of charge.
    I have an idea, but I’m not really sure what I want and how it will look, can you help?
    We have in-house graphic design artists who will work with you, going back and forth until the card is exactly what you want it to be. There is a very reasonable subsidised fee for this service to our customers.
    Is it cheaper if I print one side?
    No, as with plastic cards it’s the process that costs, not how many sides are printed on.
    How can I pay?
    An invoice will be sent to you with our account details so you’ll be able to do a bank transfer. Alternatively, you can give us a call with your credit card details, or you can even send a cheque!