RFID Cards

Plastic RFID Card Printing Service - An example of it's use portrayed in the image.

RFID cards are a type of contactless card. RFID stands for radio frequency identification, the cards contain an antenna for sending and receiving information, as well as a chip for storing and processing information. They are a popular choice for events, as they can reduce lengthy waiting times for entry. They can also be used for cashless transactions with preloaded payments. As a business, anything that either improves your operational system or encourages your customers to engage will be beneficial, the RFID card can do both. Here at Plastic Card World, we can design an RFID card that reflects and showcases your brand.

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RFID Card Printing Features

Our RFID cards are designed to suit your business. With three different plastic thicknesses to choose from and our bespoke design service, we can create the ideal RFID card for you. All our cards can include a full range of different features, which you can utilise to create the best RFID card for your business, these include:

  • signature panels
  • thermal numbering
  • scratch panels
  • bar codes
  • embossing
  • magnetic strips
  • encoding
  • foil
  • metallic colours
  • spot UV
  • matte lamination
  • Pantone colours

We will work with you to create the best RFID card for your business.

Custom RFID Card Applications

RFID cards are invaluable for events. Lengthy waiting times at the entrance can leave people feeling annoyed and disengaged before your event has even started. Being able to simply scan people in via an RFID card enables excellent traffic flow, and gives people a great initial impression of your event. Using RFID cards for cashless events can be an excellent way to engage people. The cards can be pre-loaded with funds and then used simply throughout the event. RFID cards have many applications, bear in mind that anything that improves your event will be a good investment.

How to Order

You may know exactly what you want, or you may want to discuss how best to utilise RFID cards at your next event. We know all businesses are different, and we are always here to provide bespoke solutions for your business. If you want a quick quote for RFID cards, just fill in the form here. Or you can drop us an email, and we promise to always reply within 1 hour during our working times, at sales@plastic-card-world.co.uk If you want to chat about your ideas, with no pushy sales, just helpful and friendly advice, then simply call our team on 020 3371 8040

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